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By Michael Weeks

Textual content isn't exceedingly thourough or rigorous. Introduces a few options like FFT with out explaining them absolutely, leaving that for later sections. If deciding to buy for a category you haven't a lot selection, if deciding to buy for reference or own research i would glance in other places.

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An analog signal is one that has continuous values, that is, a measurement can be taken at any arbitrary time, and for as much precision as desired (or at least as much as our measuring device allows). Analog signals can be expressed in terms of functions. A well-understood signal might be expressed exactly with a mathematical function, or approximately with such a function if the approximation is good enough for the application. A mathematical function is very compact and easy to work with. When referring to analog signals, the notation x(t) will be used.

A = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6; 7 8]; m=0; n=1; Now try the following code. Note that if and(m>0, n>0) would be equivalent to if ((m>0) && (n>0)) in C/C++. Experiment with different values for m and n. m”). , checkindices) at the command prompt. The code does have a precondition, in that it expects A, m, and n to be defined before this code is executed. ') end Also, version 7 of MATLAB was enhanced to allow the && operator to be used just like in C/C++. ) Here is a short example. >> array = [37 85 59]; >> index = 3; >> if (index >=1 ) && (index <= length(array)) array(index) = array(index)+2; end >> array array = 37 85 61 The else statement goes with the nearest if.

Now suppose you get the information that these Introduction 25 values correspond to temperature readings in degrees Fahrenheit. These numbers could be used to decide how to dress for the climate, and you might conclude that long-sleeved garments would be warm enough, perhaps with a sweater. Now suppose that these readings were taken in Atlanta during the month of August. How can this be? Atlanta is known to have a hot climate, especially in August. m. Now it all makes sense, that the temperatures were read at a time when they are likely to be their lowest.

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