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By Mason G. W., Griffen D. T., Merrill J.

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Doing history of philosophy of science, or sociology of philosophy of science, just means doing philosophy of science in specific ways. Conceiving history of philosophy of science as one of the ways of doing philosophy of science, it is natural to ask why we should pursue 2 3 Further, as is exemplified by the logical empiricism and other currents of “scientific” philosophy, there are interesting relations between “history of philosophy of science” and “history of scientific philosophy” that render the agenda of “history of (philosophy of) science” rather complicated (cf.

Kuhn 1962, 1) In agreement with Uebel, then, Hardcastle and Richardson contend that history of philosophy of science is philosophy of science by other means. Moreover, they claim that philosophy of science urgently needs this new means. According to them, contemporary philosophy of science is entangled in a deep conceptual, almost existential crisis, and history of philosophy of science might help overcome it. Indeed, they invite us to tap the spiritual sources of the past: [I]t may well be time to return to the social spirit of philosophy of science of the 1930.

The failure of constructing a comprehensive „scientific empiricism“ in Morris’s sense should be taken into account when we seek to assess the chances of Uebel’s „bipartite metatheory“, even if the parallelism between Uebel’s and Morris’s proposals is limited. At first look, it might be tempting to associate Neurath’s „behaviorism of scholars“ and Frank’s „pragmatic of science“ at least grosso modo with the part that Morris reserved for the pragmatists in his sketchy program of a comprehensive philosophy of science.

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